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The Storybook for Flutter

Our Widgetbook allows Flutter developers to efficiently organize all widgets and provides a detailed preview. The Widgetbook can be shared with designers and product owners to accelerate feedback loops.

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Overview of all your widgets

When apps get larger and many frontend developers contribute to the same app, it becomes difficult for them to keep track of all the widgets. As a result, the development process becomes inefficient and widgets are developed multiple times. Widgetbook allows your team to showcase all widgets in one place. Thereby, even fast growing teams can keep the highest level of efficiency.


Preview and interact with your widgets

Our preview allows to inspect every widget in detail on the devices of your choice. Since widgets are rendered natively in Flutter, widgets look and behave like they are running on an actual device. It is also possible to easily switch between light and dark theme.


Faster feedback loops

Widgetbook is accessible via MacOS, Windows and Web. No need to download and run the source code yourself. This makes Widgetbook easy to use for designers, developers and product owners. Thereby, designers can communicate their feedback immediately after the widget has been developed or changed. Furthermore, product owners can use Widgetbook’s preview to enhance their code reviews by challenging the code changes visually.

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The startup Firecrown successfully raised funding, which allows us us to dedicate all our time and resources into building Widgetbook according to your needs!